Posted by: hesnotthemessiahhesaverynaughtboy | December 11, 2008

SNP Transport review “just a wish list”

Despite the pomp and ceremony of yesterday’s announced Strategic Transport Review, it is becoming increasingly clear that all the SNP has done is catalogued outstanding transport requests into a single wish list, with no real commitments in terms of dates of money for any of these projects.

In that regard it can only come as a disappointment, as all the SNP have really achieved is a bit of flag-waving – the only commitment is to get everything done within 20 years.

Whether the SNP are able to see any of this through is absolutely moot, and experience of Scottish politics so far suggests plenty of wranging and over-runs.

Still, on issues close to me such as dualling the A9, A96, and adding a Nairn bypass, it’s good to see these on the political table. The big worry is that they will merely stay there for a long time to come.


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