Posted by: hesnotthemessiahhesaverynaughtboy | December 19, 2008

The Fishing Industry is Stupid

Yet again we witness the obscene act of the UK government fighting to save an anachronistic industry on the brink of death – in order to allow it to kill itself.

Yes, it’s that time of year when despite scientific warnings of killing off North Sea cod and other significant fish stocks, instead the government let’s it continue on regardless.

The Fishing Industry is Stupid – big letters – because rather than plan for the long-term sustainability of their industry, they insist on pushing for short-term gains in order to destroy any remaining biodiversity in the North Sea to provide one-last-gasp for fishermen.

Every other traditional industry has died – I’m originally from Hull in East Yorkshire which was once a major whaling port. That industry is dead. It’s fishing industry is also almost entirely gone. My mum’s side of the family worked on the railways – and now most branch lines have been ripped up and the stations converted into homes. My dad’s side of the family worked in the coal mines, and now that industry is almost dead in the UK except for a few isolated instances.

The UK has changed and evolved as required – as industries died, new ones have replaced them. But not the fishing industry. The government still insists on banging the drum of this parasitic industry despite the fact we’ve seen destruction of fishing grounds elsewhere across the world, and despite warnings of it happening in the North Sea and other UK coastlines, we still have to watch it happen because of 2,000 jobs.

As Greenpeace rightly point out: “Today’s announcement is disastrous for the fishing industry. The cod quota could lead to fishermen fishing themselves out of a job, because these catch levels could see an end to North Sea cod.

“We’re forced to witness the annual farce of bungling bureaucrats seriously jeopardising the future for cod and the UK fishing industry.

“Moves towards more selective nets and closing areas to reduce discards are very welcome – but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the scientific advice.”

Too right.


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