Posted by: hesnotthemessiahhesaverynaughtboy | December 23, 2008

Branson lays into MSRA

It’s not a uniquely Scottish problem, but MRSA is no laughing matter – as is the problems it causes.

And now Richard Branson wants to clean it up.

Not sure about anyone else reading this, but I certainly know people who have gone into hospital only to be unnecessarily exposed to MRSA.

It seems the problem is that it is simply cheaper to stick MRSA patients into a ward with other patients, even those with open wounds.

As a BMA spokesperson stated: “This proposal will cost a great deal of money and risk further reductions in the number of health professionals available to treat patients at a time when we are critically short of staff and beds.”

Which is absolutely the wrong approach to medicine in my opinion – to think about costs before patient safety.

In the meantime, our NHS has been crippled by bean-counters looking to fix statistics, rather than doctors and nurses helping patients.

Perhaps Richard Branson as the new vice-president of the Patients Association can help turn this sickness within the NHS itself – but against a mighty bureaucratic machine, I’m not holding my breath.



  1. […] Branson lays into MSRA […]

  2. Hooray! This is the type of activism and philathropy that the world needs! MRSA is a killer and our health care system is so sick. I have worked in hospitals for years, and the focus has always been on profit (even in non-profits) over patients. It will take a billionaire with heart and values like Branson to make a difference in patients’ lives and demand a change in hospital administations’ attitudes.

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